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Absopure & the Enviornment

CleanTech - The Bottles are Made From Recycled Bottles

Plastic containers have provided wonderful options for consumer product companies like Absopure. They are light, versatile, economical and customers love them. But what do we do with them once they are empty? Absopure has the answer... Clean Tech, Inc.

Clean Tech is Absopure's plastic recycling affiliate, formed in 1988 to properly handle the growing number of used water containers and other post-consumer plastic packaging. Clean Tech maintains ultra-modern recycling facilities in Dundee and Canton, Michigan, that can process 80 million pounds of plastic per year. From the start, Clean Tech has led the way with school and community education programs about recycling.

Clean Tech and Absopure have made a solid commitment to helping protect our environment by keeping plastic out of our landfills. Please do your part by recycling.

Absopure Water Company was proud to celebrate Earth Day 2009 with the release of the all-new environmentally friendly Eco-Pak™. The Absopure Natural Spring Water Eco-Pak bottles are made from recycled bottles - with each bottle containing a minimum 10% recycled content. The Eco-Pak encourages the use of recycled materials and promotes community and curbside recycling - important initiatives that Absopure is taking to help protect our environment.

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